Stop fake breanings

Wind farm contains 640 NTN spherical roller bearing. Want to know why?
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Harbour caranes contain 1540 Colson wheels. Want to know why?
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Airport container handling with 3470 Alwayse ball transfer units. Want to know why?
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Chemical plant contains 646 NTN bearing units. Want to know why?
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Our advantages:


  • Bearings from stock: 


Wide range of standard and special bearings from stock. There is no more production losses, machine stalling.


  • Expertise: 


Our colleagues have more than 250 years of technical expertise, which is available for you.


  • Constant availability: 


In case of emergency we are available 24/7, on holidays too.


  • Technical help: 


We offer the right solution for you, we will not settle for else but the best for you.